Friday, January 30, 2009

Childhood Memories

Over the Christmas holidays I managed to rip the slides out of my father's grasping hands while simultaneously beating him over the head convince my father to let me have all the slides from my childhood. That's right. I said slides. Because I was born in the 1970's. And yes, I added the wikipedia link for those of you who think a slide is something you create in Powerpoint. *Sigh*

Anyway, I also bought a slide scanner and have spent many, many hours (and by hours, I mean days) scanning in slides.

Do you know what you learn when you get your parent's slide collection?

That they lied to you all those years.

And that at one time in your life, your left eye DID indeed open all the way (but I'm sure that bathtub falling incident had nothing to do with the eye...nothing at all).

That someone in your family visited Hell. And took pictures.

And that when they said, "We moved to the United States when you were 9 months old and visited Disneyland and New York and drove across country." those were all separate thoughts. Or you were a giant 9 month old.

Your father was not always the best cook. And he took photos to prove it.

And best of all, that over 1000 slides can provide loads of blog fodder.

Til next time...

Thanks to all of you who had advice about my friend. I really do appreciate it. I will keep you all posted on her recovery.


  1. That's brilliant.

    I have an attic full of slides of my fathers childhood and some of my own!

    How on earth do you get them from slides to PC?!

  2. That was very cute. Nice picture of hell!

    I remember slides! I'm sure my mother still has a supply of those somewhere. My brother and I loved watching them on the projector.

    How about 8mm video? I found a bunch of those about 10 years ago and my brother and I had it all compiled into a VHS tape for my mom. I guess I should look to transfer it to blu-ray now.

  3. Those are outstanding photos or should I say slides. I have to go pry the photo boxes from my mother to see if there are any left in there of me.

  4. Check out those chubby little legs poking into the corner of the top photo!

    They are legs, right?

  5. I wish my parents had take more photos, you are so lucky to have all these slides.

    I've missed your blog, you always make me laugh. I am going to get back to blogging.

  6. I'm too scared to look at my parents slide collection.

  7. slides. wow. that takes me back. i think when i was in school, slide projectors were all the rage! now that i think of it, i miss them. these days we've replaced it with power point i suppose, and i still don't want to know how to use power point.

    i think if i ever do a presentation, i'm gonna use a slide projector. and if they don't like it, i'll throw sharpened slides at them like a ninja.

    whoa, sorry i got lost in a side track! i just want to say, i love your slides and can't get enough. i agree: the hell slide rocks the f^*ken hardcoreness! and so do you and your blog! can't wait for future fodder fallout from slide heaven (and hell as well) lol!

    -Steve @ fluxlife

    P.S. if you were heading over to my blog, please avoid my twitter obsessed posts of late as i know you hate twitter, and maybe one day i'll hate twitter with you. in fact, i would love to do that! but for now...i'm full of twitter-liciousness! my next post will not be twitter though, so saving grace there!

  8. aw your babies are too beautiful!!!

  9. And I bet they have provided hours, make that days, of enjoyment while going through them.

  10. I recognize that photo of hell. I think I was there on the same day. That wouldn't be some caves in Victoria would it??

  11. I'm playing catchup...sorry. Haha, yes I do vaguely recall a time when slides were NOT something you made in PowerPoint! Great pics! Hmm...I know my dad has a slide projector somewhere...I wonder what forgotten tales and hijinks are lurking!

    Hell looks very much like Luray Caverns in Virginia. Just my opinion :-)

  12. That's fantastic. Ho did you convert the slides to digital, becuase I have soem I want to do that with. (I have slides from my adult life, being far more ancient than you.)

  13. Wow, Monster Baby With Two Big Eyes Who Eats Cajun Chicken...

    you have quite a project!

  14. My brother has all my parents slides and keeps putting them on that damn Facebook.

    Can't wait to see more of your pix though.

  15. I once mentioned a walkman around someone who was under 25 who then just gave me a blank stare. God, I feel old


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