Monday, January 26, 2009

Meager Monday


I've been out of blogging mojo lately. But because I know my loyal readers all 3 of you are awaiting a new post, here's something to tide you over.

But it's not a real post.

1. President Obama indirectly canceled a party that I was looking forward to. I'm now not happy with him. Isn't it funny how the tide turns?

What's that you say? He's working on the economy? He's going to get us out of Iraq?

Whatevah. He canceled a party.

2. Poles really like to dress up. It's a thing for them. In the past week, I have had 2 people complain to me about how Poles stare at them when they dress like Americans (although one of them was not American, so perhaps I should say "relaxed dress"). My solution: dress like a Pole. That's what I do.

No one else seems happy with that response.

3. Once, when I was in the U.S., someone complimented me on my English. Since I am a native speaker of English, I was unsure whether to be flattered or insulted. So I just let it go.

4. I have some good news that I was so hoping to share soon, but because of the aforementioned canceled party, I cannot. And there is no end in sight. Ugh.

5. I told one of my minions helpers for my religion class that I wanted to stab one of the kids that I teach in the head with a fork. I also smacked one in the head for drawing a mustache on Mother Teresa.

And the parents/teachers/priest still let me teach their kids.

And that's all there is. For now.


  1. I, too, noticed that your the English is excellent!

  2. That's plenty, girl. I loved #5. I could marry you for doing things like that. Does that make me strange?

  3. 3 & 5 ROFL

    I have nothing more to say on the matter

  4. I don't know why, but there is something indescribably funny about the expression, "Dress like a Pole." I giess because I'm picturing a metal tube.

  5. Heeheehee!!! Well, I have been checking in eager anticipation of another post. And, um, how do you go about getting minions? I need some minions.

    As far as the English thing...hee! I think you have an excellent command of English, and a unique and fabulous way of writing! So how's that for a Monday ego boost?

  6. I would let you teach my kids....they would feel right at home.

    I've always thought your English sounded wonderful...the Queen's English I dare say!

  7. i would let you teach my kids. totally. and i would hope you would smack them around a bit. it takes a village, you know.

    what party did barack cancel? rude.

    what does a pole dress like? is it fancy? like lace collars and the like?

    i'm also having a hard time putting words together for to be online.

  8. And how does a Pole dress???

  9. Well regarding point 5, that should hopefully give you an excellent bit of juice to teach in the next religion class, you could even do a Cain and Able sketch!

  10. Did Obama not come to your neighborhood ball? :-) You crack me up - moustache on Mother Theresa - I love it! Mikayla missed your kids today since she was under the impression that she would be seeing them at school today. First dose of reality for her!

  11. I could never live in Poland unless by "dressed up' you mean a clean pair of sweatpants

  12. How rude of the new president.

    What do you mean its not a real post?

    You could have just put number 5 and I would have made my day.

  13. I'm out of the mojo, too. But this was still funny. :)


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