Monday, January 12, 2009

Zombie Cat

We returned from Houston to snow.

Our garden was covered in snow.

Except one patch.

That's E.D.'s grave.

AND, before there were all those kid footprints in the snow, there was a trail of cat footprints that surrounded the house.

Just one trail of cat footprints.

Starting right around E.D.'s grave and going completely around the house. As though she was looking for a way in.

So, um, how do zombies get in your house? Are they like vampires? Do you have to invite them in?

'Cause I'm just gonna go bolt all the doors now, and we're going to stay inside for the next few months.

At least until the snow melts and there's no more proof that a zombie cat is trying to get in.

'Cause that's kind of spooky, scary. And not in a good way, like a werewolf Bar Mitzvah.


  1. Shades of "Pet Cemetary!"

    But alternatively, maybe ED had a friend in the nighborhood who was miissing her and trying to visit?

  2. I was going to suggest something similar to what Citizen said.

    Maybe a guardian cat was lying on E.D's. grave to keep her warm?

  3. That is odd. Stuff like that weirds me out, too.

  4. Ooooo...spooky! Actually, I also thought that perhaps another neighborhood kitty came by to "sit" with ED and visit you guys. Or maybe ED did come back to look in on you! I am fascinated with all things unexplained (see my ramblings about numbers stations from last week) so I prefer the latter :-)

  5. Citizen, Violet, and M: I would have thought the same things, except E.D. was painfully anti social and really hated other cats. Perhaps she had an obsessive stalker?

  6. I would be fearful if I were you, maybe the zombie cat is hunting for zombie mice, in which case you would be in serious trouble.

  7. Eww! Creepy weird. Even weirder than the naked masseuse.

    You're like a weirdness magnet. Luckily, it gives you something to blog about. :-)

  8. there's probably a very scientific explanation for this. like... uhhhh... i don't know. board up your windows. just in case.

  9. okay, i found this, but it's not very scientific

    uhhh...i can't find anything. you definitely have a zombie cat.

    i suggest the zombie survival guide. it's a real book.


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