Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For Piglet

6 years ago today, my second child and firstborn boy was born. His birth was the most pleasant of the four for me, but it was fairly traumatic for him.

He was blue.

They never told me why he was blue, and he was only blue for a very short time (it's all kind of a blur). I only remember thinking, "I don't think Tigger was that color when she was born." And when the doctor and nurses were saying "Come on, come on, breathe!" I thought, "I don't think this is normal."

But all was well and he's been normal and tormenting his brothers and sisters since then.

He's my funny one, without trying to be.

He's my friendly, mean, sweet, deceitful, loving, manipulative, obedient, rule following, playful, leader.

He stutters and he's anxious. But he's calm and friendly with people he knows well.

And he's never afraid of blustery days.

He's the only one that was planned for.

He's my Piglet.
Give a 6 year old a camera where he can see himself while trying to take the photo and he will take a photo of him looking at himself.


  1. Love the gap teeth!

    Happy bday piglet!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Piglet. Just like 6 years ago, your birthday is the 13th in Houston :)

  3. when I had Phoebe, she was not breathing for the first three minutes of her life. It was terrifying. I am so blessed.

    Happy Birthday to your son.

  4. Happy Birthday to Piglet !!! that story is absolutely adorable! wow. i feel the love. :D-there ain't nuthin' sweeter!

    glad he lived through his "blue period (lol)!" maybe he'll be a great photographer and/or artist one day.

    -Steve @ fluxlife

  5. Aww!! Happy Birthday Piglet, and congrats Kylie!

  6. The happiest of birthdays to young Piglet. (the self-portrait made me laugh - when my son was about 13 he grabbed my camera and took a whole series of himself.

    [and blue because of anoxia, I'm assuming]

  7. Happy Birthday, Piglet!! I love that he's never afraid of blustery days. :-) Thanks for sharing his story. He has so much more to write. Isn't it fun to see what they come up with and who they become?? Usually?

  8. I love that photo he took. Do you still find yourself living the day all over again? I do.

    Happy birthday Piglet.

  9. Oh, honey, my lad is toothless on top, too!

    I have friends in Gdansk, so a swing to Poland could be well worth the plane fare...


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