Friday, January 16, 2009

My Daughter Has Minions

Can you call them that when you're talking about church?

Surprising to us, on Sunday, Father told Tigger she had to serve on the altar. We'd been gone for three weeks and there was no posted schedule before we left (but that's not really anything new), but we were there and he needed whatever.

It turned into a promotion ceremony. Tigger got promoted to red, THE highest rank of altar server. So she's now the highest ranking altar server.

And, like the infamous cousin picture, she looked like a giant.

But aside from that, she's got minions. All the little altar servers look up to her and do her bidding. She sat on her butt and did nothing, while she directed the other altar servers and smacked some of them around for misbehaving in church.

'Cause we're Catholic, and I think we invented corporal punishment.

Anyway, as our family filed out the door, we looked over at the altar for Tigger. She was gone. Her minions were working and she was chatting it up with father and heading out the door to meet up with friends.

It's good to be the king.


  1. I'm not Catholic so I know nothing of altar servers...but this sounds like a good thing. So congratulations to the Queen.

  2. Sorry, for those unfamiliar, altar servers just help the priest during the service. They have a very specific role, like carrying candles, or opening the book to the readings. In the case of Tigger, father will send her on errands - if he forgets his reading glasses or something:).

  3. She'll be Pope in 12 years. Mark my words.

    I loved that line: "We're Catholic and we invented corporal punishment."


  4. three words for Tigger; you go girl!

  5. Heeheehee! Has she started using the "royal we" yet? WE are not amused! :-)

  6. I like minions. Minions are good.

  7. I love the word "minions." I wish I had some.

  8. I need church minions. Mainly for the purpose of attending church in my stead.

  9. "cause we're catholic and we invented coporal punishment"

    and I'm pretty sure guilt..

    congrats to your little giant queen gulliver...

  10. I keep reading "minions" in the comments as "onions".

    MMM, minions taste just like onions.

    Amy, Nah, guilt was just a holdover from our Jewish roots:).

  11. I thought the Catholic church didn't allow girls at the altar?

    In the Episcopal church I was an acolyte, lay reader, and then lay eucharitic minister (served the wine). It was a good gig.

  12. Minions for Tigger - Yeah! I wish I had minions.


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