Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Corrupting the Youth Part II

As I sat here trying to come up with an amusing blog post, my husband called and relayed the following story to me.

But first some explanatory information. "Phoenix rising from the ashes" was a military class that my husband attended.

Dylan: I was walking down the hall and there's a girl wearing a "Phoenix rising from the ashes" T-shirt. So I said, "Hey where'd you get that shirt?"

Girl: My neighbor gave it to me.

Dylan: Who is your neighbor?

Girl (a bit frightened now): (Friend of Pamela)

Dylan: THAT'S MY SHIRT! I bet it even has my name on it.

Reaches to pull out the girl's shirt to see if the label has his name on it and then realizes he's just touching some girl that he doesn't know AND trying to look down her shirt and stops immediately. Walks off in embarrassment.

I probably should have looked through the clothes Pamela gave away before they left the house.


  1. LOL - I'd have loved to see the expression on the girl's face through all of that!

  2. OMGosh! Dylan probably got the girl a scare of her life! She'll be scarred for life! At least he did pull back before he got into serious trouble!!! LOL..too funny!!!

  3. Too funny! My daughter would never let me give away her clothes when she was a kid so I would have to sneak around and give them to her younger cousin. When she would see her cousin wearing her old clothes she would say, "I have a shirt just like that." It was years before she caught on!

  4. ok- that is funny!!


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