Saturday, July 19, 2008

Power Failure

We were sitting in the living room watching TV when the power went out. Because we had lived in Africa, we all just waited until the power came back on. No one EVEN bothered to check the breakers.

Pamela and her friend came downstairs and said, "Why are the lights out?"

Dylan and I were like "The power went out."

Her friend, J., said "The light on the stairs is on."

So we, dumbasses, checked the breaker. The breaker for the downstairs had blown.

Dylan flipped the breaker back on and WHOA, Let there be light!

Later, I went to the kitchen and thought, wow the dishwasher's been running a long time. I realized it wasn't on and turned it back on. POW! The power went out again.

A few days later the embassy sends someone to check out our problem. Again, turn on the dishwasher. Again, POW! The power goes out.

He says, "It's the dishwasher. You need a new one." Um, DUH.

Then he says, "Don't use the dishwasher until you get the new one."

I was like, "Right, isn't that kind of impossible? I mean, every time we turn the dishwasher on, the power to the entire downstairs goes out. INCLUDING THE POWER TO THE DISHWASHER!"


  1. It's both sad and funny how you can get accustomed to loss of power. I wouldn't have thought to check anything either.

    Good luck with the new dishwasher. Cha-ching.

  2. Oh no!!! It is funny that you were sitting in the dark and it was the breaker. But didn't you want to tell the guy "here's your sign" when he told you not to use the dishwasher. (from comedian Bill Engvall)

  3. Bwaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaa!

    About all of it!


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