Monday, July 28, 2008


HAHA! I've figured out how to make video clips so now I will torture you all with clips I love.

You'll remember my post about speaking to people in my poor Polish.

The guy in the green hat is me. Seriously.


  1. I had a poor to moderate grasp on Swahili in Kenya and would always beg the mamas to speak slower. And then they would just laugh at me and keep on rattling off words too fast for me to understand. Grrr...

  2. I am very good at saying no hablo espanol. I took French in high school and college and retain very little.

  3. I'm so happy that now that I'm in the USA i don't have to worry about stumbling out "nie wiem Polski" which by the way is horrible Polish =D

  4. Bwaaaaa haaaaa haaaa! I love it!


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