Thursday, July 17, 2008

Universities, I'm waiting!

Pamela has made an important decision in the last few days. She has decided to major in theater and dance in college. She’s only starting 9th grade, but she is in the IB program and needs to have a pretty good idea of what she wants to do with the rest of her life so she can focus now.

Here is her audition tape:

Okay Universities, we’ll be awaiting your calls.

And I have to give props to Pamela for being a totally good sport about this:). While she actually did do this when we were talking about how she would have to audition for the program, but I had to talk her into letting me record it and put it on my blog.


  1. *hand clap* for Pamela!

    And thanks to the blogging world, I actually know which song that was!

  2. Look out comes Pamela! If at her age she has any idea what see wants to be, I think that is awesome and she seems like the kind of girl who can get what she wants!

  3. WOW..that made want to get up and dance! Great job, Pamela!!!

    But it did make me crack up too if I am being honest. I had to watch it a couple of times and I will have to show Addie this evening. She will try to dance too!

  4. I let Addie watch it. She watched it several times. The last time she was trying to sing with the song. LOL

  5. I want to be 14 again...sigh. Pamela looks suprisingly similer to Lien dancing to the 101 dalmations soundtrack.

  6. You are well on the way to upholding a Hrncir tradition in the theatre. You are preparing to follow in the footsteps of two generations of Thespians [and countless generations of Bohemians-- in all senses of the word! Your creativity and exuberance will carry you far under the greasepaint and gaslights.
    Break a leg!


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