Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's My Name Again?

You'll remember that we now have this:

Seth is in it for a total of 20 minutes a day, broken up into increments of 5 minutes.

Toby was standing at the window, because Toby isn't so much for the cold water. Like me, Toby doesn't feel that it is EVER warm enough in Europe to get in an outdoor pool. (Toby learned to swim in Houston and on the Equator.)

So Toby was standing at the window, calling to Seth and he says "Toby! Toby!, Seth!"

And I was really amazed by the fact that my son had just called his brother by his OWN NAME. Who does that? I've never once called another person Kylie (with the exception of Kylie Minogue, but since I don't actually KNOW her, it's never been an issue and even if I did know her, that's actually her name).

It reminded me of this:


  1. Too funny you gotta love Randy! I can stand cold water either, but here by this time of year pool water feels like bath water and I don't know what's worse!

  2. That is SOOO funny! I can just see him thinking about it after he said it. I never get in the pool here either - Zach thinks I am crazy but it just doesn't get warm enough. I am more the hot tub temp kind of girl;-)

    Sara C.


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