Friday, July 25, 2008

My Name is Kylie and I'm an Alcoholic.

These are some of our new residents:

Yes, those are two kittens and a HEDGEHOG. The hedgehog doesn't live in our house, but now lives in our garbage house. The girls (Pamela and her friend) trapped the hedgehog accidentally when trying to trap these kittens. Now the hedgehog seems to think that it lives here.

But, we also now have two kittens. Their names are Syrah (the tabby) and Shiraz (the black and white one). Yes, those are names of grapes/wine and yes, I named them, and yes, that probably means I drink too much - a point that should be made obvious by the fact that I now have an incontinent 16 year old cat, a chinchilla, a school of fish {that we adopted when our neighbors left}, a hedgehog, two kittens and FOUR CHILDREN!

I also have a soft heart and probably a failing liver:).


  1. You must have the same sign in front of you house that I have..."I take in strays!" I don't take in hedgehogs, but I don't think we have those here! I have the 19 year old dog and 3 cats though. I love their names and who doesn't like a glass of wine!

  2. You have a house full..and it would entitled to you a glass of wine or two!

  3. Oooo...I want a hedgehog! How cute!

  4. I agree with robindiane....with all the occupants of your house, you are certainly entitled to a glass of wine or two!

  5. can you adopt me? I love animals! i wish we had stayed a little longer so I could see your new residents myself!


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