Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Death Trap!

I have been learning a lot about gardening this summer. This has become my new hobby. Since I don't know much about plants in general, I go to the garden store and pick up anything that looks pretty (and I consult my scrapbook color wheel for what will look nice in the garden together, who knew it had so many uses?).

In doing this, I have chosen 2 plants that cannot survive the Polish winters and therefore must become houseplants. One of the plants that I inadvertently chose is one of the most deadly plants in the world.

Don't eat this photo!

I knew this one was poisonous, I just think it's beautiful.

Because I am a worried mother, and these plants say things like "Keep away from children" I have become obsessed with the notion that my children, who have never done this before, will start to eat the plants. So (in an effort to mock my own obsessive insanity) I warn everyone who enters my house not to eat this plant because it is the most deadly plant in the world.

So, of course, what should a person who is obsessed about the idea that her children could die eating plants that they probably would never have given a second thought to had she not mentioned it do?

Get a pool.

I haven't slept in three days.


  1. LOL - is everyone standing because the water is so cold?

    We prefer to abuse our next-door neighbors pool. It's easier on my lawn.

  2. Alice - yes, the day we put the pool up was the coldest day we've had since April. It was 60 degrees outside and my kids still wanted to get in. You can see how the baby is clinging like a monkey "don't put me in there ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!"

  3. Oh Kylie you crack me up! Do they have a Poison Control hotline or 911 in Poland? You may need to check that out!


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