Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You've Got Email! And Happy Mail!

Yolanda sent me this email:

"Did you ever get back at that family who gave your daughter the chinchilla??? Need to give a hedgehog a happy home?? I think you might solve two problems here....

Seriously, get a box, poke some holes in it, wrap it, slap a bow on it... send him/her on his/her merry way."

First off, I laughed so hard that Coke Light came out of my nose. Second, because they have been gone all summer, no, I totally forgot about them.

That's a totally AWESOME idea! They'll have a surprise "welcome back" gift. (If you missed the chinchilla story, you can find it here.)

And, Lisa sent me these:

Because I gave all mine away when I left Ghana because I didn't use them. How was I to know that it would come back in scrapbooking style? Thanks so much Lisa! Now I'll have to put them to good use. Probably not this week though, as we are awaiting a BIG visitor.


  1. I love the idea about the hedgehog. You should have it waiting when they come back. LOL Lisa is a sweetie..have fun cutting!

  2. I think Yolanda is on to something here!

  3. Nooooo..I want the hedgehog! Give the chinchilla back to the friends. (It was evil by the way.)

  4. Love the hedgehog idea...what a payback!

    I've givewn you an award on my blog.

  5. Haaahahaa!!! yaayyy!! Do it. Or send it to Alice. Though... do hedgehogs travel well??

  6. Thats not a half bad idea! *Evil Laugh* MUAhahahaha! but if I were you I'd keep the hedgehog. ;)


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