Monday, July 21, 2008

My son's a big boy

Usually I like to give you all funny stories about my life. I'm a fan of funny.

But today, I have for you and pathetically sad (but not really) story.

My oldest son lost his first tooth.

All by himself. (With some help from an expert older sister.)

Saturday, we promoted him to his very own room. Something he hasn't had since he was 2 years old and Toby came along.

Then Sunday his tooth fell out. We didn't even know it was loose.

He's growing up. How did that happen? It was only 5 1/2 years ago when I was sitting with my very first boy, holding him, nursing him, loving him. How did he get to be OLD? How did I get to be old?

He's starting Kindergarten next month. KINDERGARTEN! He's going to school. Real school.

And he lost a tooth. And he has his own room.

How long will it be until he doesn't sit in my lap at church and ask me questions? How long will it be before he doesn't tell me everything about the snail/kitten/turtle/frog he caught?

How long will it be until he doesn't hug me anymore?


I'm going to hold on to every hug I can, while they're still there.


  1. Such big milestones in his life! I know it's hard but you have to let go -- but oh so gradually.

  2. I understand how you are feeling. Addie will be 4 tomorrow. Where has the time gone???

  3. Gosh Kylie you brought a tear to my eye this morning! I wonder where the time went, too, mine is almost 20! I only have a girl so I don't this for sure but its seems boys have a different relationship with their mothers, my brother did.

  4. I had those very same thoughts. I've been busting my butt ever since we got home from PA to turn my art supply room into a room for BoyChild. It made me a bit sad to think of him moving out from his sister to his own pad. : ( I think it's the first time I've been overly sentimental about something like that.


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