Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crafty Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday doesn't seem appropriate anymore since I only use it to showcase crafts, so I'm changing the name of mine to Crafty Wednesdays! This way, those of you who don't want to see crafts can just avoid my blog on Wednesdays and those who do can just read my blog on Wednesdays:). I kid, you should be stopping by my blog EVERY DAY!

Here's today's scrapbook page:

The journaling is under the picture and the chipboard letters have glitter on them, that no matter what I do I cannot get to show up in pictures!


  1. Kylie, this is an adorable layout.

  2. Doesn't everything just look better with glitter???

  3. Very nice! I'm too lazy to scrapbook. How about I mail you all my photos and you can put something together for me?

  4. Oh - and do you want me to mail you some plastic bags for more purses?

  5. Aw, i can't believe Seth already lost his first tooth! I remember when he was just a baby...sniff... the layout looks amazing, glitter makes everything better.

  6. OMG...those brads in the corner totally make the page and the pics are precious!


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