Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cat's In The Cradle Or the Dining Room

Monday mornings I work at the PTO store at my kids' school. Globetrekking Mom works with me and we essentially sit around and chat and sell the requisite one P.E. uniform a day and make absolutely certain that we will never be elected president (or any other officer) of the PTO. It's like a 2 hour coffee break, without coffee and we're supposed to be working.

That really had very little to do with my story, but I just wanted to give a shout out to Globetrekking Mom. Holla!

Yesterday, when I returned from my "job", I walked in my front door - which opens right into my dining room. I was welcomed by a gray cat.

I do not have a gray cat.

I said in a loud crazed voice "NO! NO! NO! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE?"

And because he's a cat, he just looked at me like "Fine, apparently I am not welcome here. Jeez lady, what's your problem?"

Then he just leisurely walked out into my garage.

I really don't like cats, despite the fact that I have 3.

*This was much funnier in my head.

And now I have a super cute haircut! I always hated getting my hair cut because (and yes, I know this sounds so stupid) I hate the way my face looks when I'm sitting there with that black cape around my neck. Black is not so much my color and the thing around my neck makes my face look really fat ('cause my face is square shaped).

But Ela is so fast and REALLY good. Too bad I have only 2 more years here. Maybe I can smuggle Ela in my suitcase. I can see the headline now "Diplomat gets life for human trafficking." And I'd be all, "But she's a fabulous hairstylist and it's taken me 34 years to find someone so fabulous!"

I can only hope the judge is a woman.

What do you think?

I should totally risk it, shouldn't I?


  1. I can't believe that you even have to ask! Of course, bring her with you! What is human trafficking vs. great hair?

  2. do it! I'm still a little flustered about the whole cat in your house shit.

  3. Great haircut! By all means, smuggle her when you leave. I have followed mine all over town when she moves to another shop.

  4. i wouldn't believe the cat in your living room if it wasn't for the chinchilla and that other thing that showed up. was it a gerbil? am i confused? i am confused.

    i love your hair! and i HATE the way i look with my hair wet and plastered to my face in strange parts. and people can SEE me that way.

  5. Marinka - I KNEW you would agree with me:).

    Vodka Mom - It was a neighbor's cat and the garage door was slightly cracked (teehee).

    Judy - Thanks! Ela is the literally the first hairdresser I have found that did exactly what looked best on me. And she's reasonable!

    Dianna - Thanks:)!

    Yo - It was a hedgehog. I laughed when I saw your comment because I had actually forgotten about that hedgehog.

  6. Holla right back at you! Volunteering for the PTO is as under the radar as you can get. When you come to think about it, we really do just sit around babysitting the cash box for two hours. We are the guardians of the zloty. They wouldn't dare ask us for more.

    That cat thing was hysterical! I have two dogs and I say the same thing to them every time I walk into my house only mine sounds more like "NO! NO! NO! WHY ARE YOU ON MY COUCH?" as they sit there and stare at me without so much as a movement. Your house, however, is sounding much more like a zoo these days! I'm sure the kids are loving it!

  7. You look gorgeous! I would totally smuggle her with you...

    And I am so with you about the lighting and mirrors at the hairdressers! What is with that? I look like a bloated gangsta just trawled from the river but man my hair looks shiny!

  8. Oh yeah, I'd swipe the stylist. But leave the cats.

  9. It looks awesome! I know what you mean about the cats, they seem to adopt me and I really don't like them either!


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