Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting Shot

Conversation in the bedroom one morning:

Dylan: Mat asked me to go shooting with them next week.

Me: Mat, the German? (don't think I'm being racist, it's sort of how we classify our friends in an overseas lifestyle - and he really is German. Well, sort of. It's kind of complicated. But German is the best description.)

Dylan: Yeah, Mat and Yoshi. (Right, that's not really his name, but it's something really close and he kind of looks like him. Yeah, that's right. He's a green dinosaur and my husband wants to go out shooting with him. I suppose a duck hunt gun will be involved.)

Yoshi. Stolen from Wikipedia.

Me: So you're going to go shooting with the Germans?

Dylan: I haven't decided yet.

Me: That sounds like a really horrible set up. "I'm going to go shooting with the Germans." Really it should be, I'm going to go get shot at by the Germans. That's what your grandfather would have said, anyway.


  1. Hello Kylie !

    The war is down !

    See You soon !

  2. Is shooting slang for something?

    I'm laughing at Yoshi. My son is a big fan, and I think he'd like to come with this German party.

  3. a friend of mine has relatives in germany. her sister married a german and they proceeded to have like, 8 kids.

    my friend calls me one afternoon and says excitedly "the GERMANS are in PORTLAND!" and my brain rushes to "why are the germans invading portland? i guess that's a good place to start, catch us off guard. what are they going to conquer in portland?"

    she explained that her family meets every year in portland for vacation. jerk. she coulda mentioned that in the beginning.

  4. i just saw your comment on goodmom/badmom...

    My husband changes the words of Kanye West. My favorite is "I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't messin' with no broke gentlemen of African American persuasion".

    that's hilarious =)

  5. CoolYoshi is Britain's xboxlive ID...LOL..and we do that to so I so get you...we used to classify our neighbors that way when we lived in base housing in Texas...Crazy Mary, No-bra your look on your blog by the way great pic of your kids!


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