Friday, September 12, 2008

For Pamela

Pamela’s been aggravated with me because she says that I never say anything funny that she says in my blog. She is very funny, and strangely enough she wants to be mentioned in my blog. So here’s a montage of funnies from Pamela.

Seth – Why is it smoky in here?

Me – Pamela’s decided to burn the house down.

Pamela- Yes, I’ve decided to disobey your orders, but burn the house down while you’re here. When you’re dressed in your pajamas. So that we have to run into the street half dressed. Just as the guards are going by. I’ve planned it all out.

Playing Candyland with Seth:

“LOOK! LOOK! I just got all the way to the princess Frostine and then what do I get oh I draw a stupid little card, harmless right?! NO! Now I have to go back to stupid GRANDMA NUT! WHO WANTS TO GO SEE GRANDMA NUT? HER NAME SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. I MEAN SHE’S A CRAZY OLD WOMAN! THE DECK IS STACKED AGAINST ME!”

About having the cats chipped*:

“What do you do when you give them away? You change the chipping address!”

When she’s watching her brothers in the pool:

Me- Where’s Blaise?

Pamela – He drowned. You can’t see him because he sank. Not enough body fat on a two year old to float.

Talking to her friend in Finland:

“K is in the future! And she refuses to tell me what happens!”

*In the EU you must have your pets chipped and the chip holds the name, address, and phone number of the owner.


  1. Pamela is so funny! I demand that she have a weekly column!

  2. can you see pamela right now? can anyone else see pamela or does she live in your head? =)

  3. Way to go Pamela!

    Kylie, do you still have family in Houston? We've been watching the weather channel...looks like Ike is really going to be bad there.

  4. Judy,

    I responded to you on your blog, but I wanted to thank you for thinking of my family. Yes, they are in Houston and I was out of town for a few days (in Germany of course, Lisa goes to the lake and I go to Germany).

    Hubby's family is safe and accounted for. My father left an voicemail while we were gone saying that they were preparing, but I have been unable to contact them since. I'm sure their phones are out, but I'm still trying to get ahold of them.

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


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