Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Strange Education

Sunday night I start teaching religious education. I've taught before, but in the past I've always taught the little kids.

This year, I'm teaching the teenagers.

Oh, the terror!

While my kids actually look like this:
Credit: Royalty Free Photos

In my head they look like this:

Other than drinking heavily (which would be hilariously funny, when I'm the drunk religious ed teacher, of course I MUST have been drunk when I volunteered so it would just be par for the course) or popping Xanax (which unfortunately, I no longer have a prescription for) do any of you (Alice, Alice, where are you?) have any suggestions for working with *gasp* teenagers?

While I expect that this will provide me with LOADS of blog fodder, I still need some support here. I'm a totally nervous teacher.

If I go missing, look for me at the British School. I'll be hiding in the broom closet with my vodka.


  1. Well, it's too late for a "what possessed you to volunteer..blah, blah, blah? I have worked with teens in a counseling context (some did look like your second picture) so yours are probably much more tame. Try to reach them by meeting them where they are and help them make connections between what you are teaching and how it relates to their everyday lives. If they can't assign personal meaning to the topic, it will be meaningless. Pamela's a teen so you have a point of reference there. It probably won't be as bad as you think especially if they are expat kids. They tend to be a different breed (as you already know). Can't wait to hear about these adventures while we guard the zloty!

  2. I have one and have no idea what to do with the photos there..LOL...hope it goes well...if you drink enough vodka it probably won't matter either way...:-)


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