Friday, September 05, 2008

Hippies Are Like Jeans

This was actually supposed to post on Tuesday. But the whole family was a little distracted by some newborn twins.

I’ve wanted to do a post about laundry for some time now. I’ve written it up a few times, but the problem with the subject matter is that it’s just not that interesting. I mean, really, would I get into the double digits in comments on laundry? Probably not.

So instead, I’ve decided to share a piece of my childhood with you and if laundry 'happens' to come up, all the better.

My parents were hippies. Now, I didn’t grow up on a commune, and really they’d probably be called rednecks today (but my mother would be rolling in her grave to be called a redneck, so we’ll stick with hippies). We grew a lot of our own food, ate very little meat, hung our laundry to dry, and, at one time, had our kitchen sink outside. My mother made a lot of our clothes, while holding down a full time job. My father stayed home with us and helped us get by on a secretary’s salary.

Now, how does this differ from growing up on a farm you might ask?

We lived in Houston. Seriously. I grew up IN THE CITY.

Oh, and my husband and I met in 7th grade. Yeah, I’m THAT redneck hippie.

I HATED growing up like that. I hated the little things; like that my friends had dryers in their homes and didn’t use their clothing as a “natural barrier” to the neighbors’ yard. You see, I already had a very bad case of anxiety disorder. This didn’t help things.

Note to other parents out there: If you have a particularly anxious, shy child, you should ALWAYS do things to make them more of an outcast. They will be bullied get beat up crawl into a shell and die grow stronger because of it. And write about you on their blog share their issues with the world love you for it anyway when they are grown.

Do you know how long it takes for clothes to dry outside in Houston? DAYS! And when they finally do, they are all crisp and crunchy. Skinny jeans take an hour to put on in the morning.

So, I have decided to hang my clothes to dry outside. Now. Despite my childhood. It’s a “green” thing.

Dylan now hates it (did I mention the crunchy clothes?). He thinks that I’m making everyone suffer because of my childhood.

Maybe I am.

Wanna send me your laundry?

The 'rents back in the day (before my birth). I don't have a wedding photo of them, they TOTALLY looked like hippies in that one. In this it's just my dad trying to not look like a hippie:).


  1. it's funny

    cause my parents did the same thing

  2. I am gonna have to stick to the dryer cause I don't like crunchy clothes and especially the towels. My SIL thinks it is the best thing. But not for me even if it is a green thing! Now, I do hung up alot of my shirts to dry but that is because I don't want them to shrink in the dryer! But they stay inside the laundry room to dry!

  3. We lived in IL as a kid. My Mom INSISTED on hanging out the clothes...even (sometimes) in the winter. Yep, nothing like layering the frozen towels like planks of wood in the hamper when you take them off the line*!*

  4. crunchy clothes are definitely not a good plan. i try to be green-ish when i can, but it's not likely i'll go that far...

    plus, not really easy to do in apartment life

  5. I LOVE to hang my sheets and blankets on the line. Love the smell.

    LOVE IT!!!

  6. oh gosh cruncy clothes...yes i mother liked to do it too not because she was hippie but because she liked the way the clothes smell off the line.. UMMM ok...i think they smell like shit but who am i...i digress...

  7. OH MY!! I had forgotten what your parent's looked like and how much you and Pamela look like your mom. You forgot to mention how forward thinking your folks were!! I remember them using the Sunday funnies to wrap a days that is the the mark of a true greenie!!


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