Monday, September 29, 2008

Gym Mice?

I just wanted to apologize for the writing in this post. I wrote it last night after I returned from teaching and I didn't tweak it at all. So, sorry.

I used to be an obsessive gym rat.

Actually let me start at the beginning.

I used to be a non gym going, non athletic person. When I was a teenager. I was relatively thin (actually, I was probably quite thin, but my best friend was a stick, so next to her I looked chubby). Then my mom died.

And I ate to kill the pain.

And over years I gained weight. Getting up to over 260 lbs (118 kilos) after Pamela was born.

And then I became an obsessive gym rat. And I got back down to 130, which was slightly more than I weighed as a 9th grader. And I stayed there.

Until I got pregnant with Seth.

Actually, I still ran when I was pregnant with Seth. But we had tried so hard to get pregnant with Seth and then I was surprised that we got pregnant.

And then I started spotting.

So I stopped running. And we moved to Poland.

And I gained weight again. Not as much as before, but definitely too much.

Then I got pregnant with Toby. Then we moved to Houston.

And I went to the gym (YMCA!) and I kept going. And I lost some weight. Not all of it, but some.

Then we moved to Ghana. And I got pregnant with Blaise.

And there were no gyms in Ghana. And I couldn’t lose weight no matter what.

So we moved back to Poland. And my kids all started school.

On my way to one of the schools I saw this sign.


I was convinced, and very excited. It’s right on my way to the kid’s school. I checked the website. It’s awesome. It has a pool and cardio equipment and everything I need in a gym.

Except, it turned out, that’s all it was. A sign.

But, come November, you'll see the old gym rat me.


  1. I wish I were a gym rat. I have never been into going to the gym and only did so in order to lose weight when necessary.

    When I got pregnant with Nicholas I gained about 50 pounds. This always happens with the first kid because people tell you that now you're "eating for two." It's more like eating for the two you will become after the baby is out. After Nicholas was born, I lost about 20 pounds and then another 10 before getting pregnant with Mikayla. I was determined to watch my weight gain with Mikayla and was the closest I had ever been to being a gym rat until I, too, started spotting. Even when they gave me the ok, I didn't start going back. I didn't gain very much with Mikayla and lost most of it when she was born. Last year, I lost about 20 pounds in FL over the summer. Then I came back, and while I haven't gained, i haven't lost either. I work on it though sometimes in vain. I have a treadmill that I do use on the mornings I am at home, and I could use it while the kids are here only I don't want Mikayla getting into it and getting hurt. Here is where the need for the Wii Fit comes in.

    As for Gold's Gym, they were signing up people at the ASW BBQ? Did you sign up? What about the Embassy gym? Now, you've got me thinking - "what's your excuse" - to myself!

  2. Ok, is it me, or do you have a lot of kids? That was an inspiring read. And lol about the sign.

  3. Milena - We talk too much:) I sent you an email.

    Marinka - Is 4 a lot? It doesn't seem like it anymore.

  4. My "baby" is 20 and I'm still trying to lose all the baby

  5. I couldn't help myself. This could be you:

    Specifically, click on #5!

  6. I'm posting Yolanda's comment here 'cause I loved it and she's trapped under something heavy (work) and cannot comment.

    i snickered at the luck of it. glad you'll be working out again! not that i think your thighs are fat. i mean, i really don't have an opinion on your thighs. they very well could be fat. not that i care. not that i would ever notice, even if you did post a picture of your thighs on your blog. why would you post a picture of your thighs on your blog? come over. i have a gym. or i WILL IN TWENTY FOUR DAYS!! we can run on the treadmill and drink by the pool.

  7. Hi Kylie--I haven't commented much but I have been reading your blog. You always make me laugh. Good luck with the new gym. I need to start exercising..I am so out of shape!

  8. what does the inside of a gym look like? LOL...good for you! Wish I could motivate myself in that direction...


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