Monday, February 11, 2008

Crafts and Motorcycles

On Friday, I got a Joann’s package containing (among other things) this:

This is too cool! Why did no one tell me about this sooner? (This is, of course, a joke as everyone has raved about this since it came out.) I made this for Toby for Valentine’s Day: (which was Amy's project a while back). Since I don’t know if he’ll be back before then, I packed it in his backpack. As an aside, I made the paper small enough to fit through my Xyron machine because I’m trying to use up the adhesive. Apparently the adhesive will go bad if not used for some time? Or maybe it was moving from high humidity to a relatively low humidity?

And this (because I am WAY behind on those Christmas ornaments for the godparents):Front


Yes, my Christmas tree is still up in mid February *blush*.

And everyone in the house was LOVING cutting through the CDs (I now have one CD that has about 15 little holes in it…its like buttah!) Seth can do it himself and Toby needs help, but it’s just awesome!

And because I opened my big…blog…I now have this:

So at some point I will be expected to…wait for it…RIDE on the motorcycle. I would just like to note that I never actually told my husband that if he bought me the dragon helmet that I would ride the motorcycle. That was supposed to be just between you and me…how the heck did he get my blog address anyway?;)

And here’s one of Pamela and Daddy going out for their Sunday morning ride (from which they always return with frozen fingers and legs and for some reason continue to do it).

Now, I didn’t manage to walk AT ALL over the weekend. I now have the dreaded pink eye and a throat infection of some kind. AND because we found out on Friday night that Toby has to be in Berlin on Monday, we were running around trying to get everything done that he needs before then.


  1. Glad you are having fun with the crop-a-dile. I hope you feel better soon neither one is fun.

  2. sorry you're sick, hope he has a safe trip and love how your project turned out...I love that crop a dile!!


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