Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hang me up to dry

I've spent a good portion of the morning scanning in money from all over the world, per yesterday's collage post. About halfway through, I started feeling like a counterfitter, then toward the end I started wondering if it's illegal to scan money into your own computer. Since I'm putting this out in cyberspace, I may know very soon:).

I managed to do another card for the Deck of Me challenge last night when I was bathing the boys. This one was what junk you need to get rid of and we had to use junk mail as our embellishments:

I cheated (unintentionally) because I used a piece of ephemera on the front of the card in addition to junk mail. I didn't realize it until I had finished the card.

Pamela is loving these cards (ATC sized) and has asked me to make her several to hang in her locker. I told her I would work on those as soon as I am caught up on the Deck of Me.

Toby is scheduled for surgery on Thursday and will then have to stay for at least a week to be monitored. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes!

It's surprisingly quiet in my house with only 3 children. Dylan and I have discussed that before and it amazing how you can take away 1 (ANY one) and the house seems SO much quieter. Seth is missing Toby a bit, and we're trying to transition Blaise to a big boy bed, so when I came to check on them last night this is what I found:


  1. Your card is beautiful. I hope all went will the Toby's surgery today.
    You should get Pamela to help you make the ATC cards for her locker.
    Yesterday was a bad night..I had no patience. Tonight will be better!!!

  2. so cute...love your card! Hope everything goes great with Toby's surgery...why don't we all make Pamela a card for her locker and then she'll have some from everywhere?


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