Friday, February 08, 2008

I haven't had much blog fodder in the past couple of days, but I did do the LONG walk yesterday...

Well, sort of...I threw the double jogger in the back of the minivan and drove to the hotel down the road (where the sidewalk starts). I tossed Blaise in the double jogger and started walking. It was fairly warm for February (43 degrees F), so I bundled Blaise the way I normally do (tights, undershirt, pants, shirt, coat, hat and mittens), but I threw a blanket in "just in case". Well, it may have been warm, but that wind was blowing from the East and our walk takes us North - South so it was hitting us the WHOLE TIME. We wound up turning around halfway, so I only walked 3.5 miles yesterday.

Today I also only walked 3.5 miles (again with the waking up too early kids, talking to me while I'm on the treadmill). So I'm behind now. I figured that I have to walk 4.7 miles a day to get to Lisbon in a year. That's 33 miles a week.

But so far I've walked 14.41 miles and I have only 1701.59 to go! (So wish me luck this weekend in walking that extra 18.59 miles).


  1. Kylie, Good for you on your walking!!! I don't think I could walk 5 miles in one week at the moment. I am so out of shape. I am going to have to start out slowly to get back into some sort of shape.

    Yes, the scrap box is wonderful. Oh, how, I wish I could have one. I am taking Get Organized Be Inspired class at BPS right now. I just love the class. I found that while I was doing some research for small scrapping spaces. Maybe one day..have a great weekend.

  2. holy cow're kicking walking butt!!


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