Friday, February 15, 2008

Sunny Days...sweeping the clouds away!

It's a beautiful sunny day here today. Unfortunately it is also 25 degrees F.

So I have a few things for you today. Mostly because I will probably not be blogging for the next few days. Next week is what the Poles call "Biały Tydzien" or "White Week". Meaning that the entire country takes off to go skiing. Well we don't ski (Dylan and I both grew up in Houston, do you know how far you have to travel to ski?), so our friend is coming to visit and we'll travel Poland and show her the sights. So next week, past Wednesday, I should have loads of pictures and stories for y'all.

I wanted to start with the story of this cup:

This was my 13th anniversary present. Our Stateside mail (anything mailed to us from the States) goes to the embassy and therefore to Dylan's office before it makes it home. So he had this in the office and he was telling our friend Sarah that this was my anniversary present. She laughed at him. "That's your A game?" she said.

(Now, we have this running thing because Dylan and I LOVE The Office and My Name Is Earl. If you know the shows, you're familiar with the "World's Best" thing. If you don't, you really should, they're hilarious! I bought Dylan an iPod shuffle that is engraved with "World's Best Husband" so this was my "World's Best" gift. I got the "World's Best Mom" for Mother's Day the following week:)

Then there's this:

Over the weekend I was making baked goods for church (something that I got suckered into because the woman who was asking knew that I made these great muffins and raved about them to the people around when she asked me, not that I'm bitter;), and I found out that my old Sunbeam mixer had broken (I suspect it was dropped on a tile floor). For the first 8 or 9 years of our marriage, everything I baked I mixed totally by hand, then one day I was at Walmart and the Sunbeam mixer was an impulse buy. I couldn't believe that I had done without it for so long. So of course, when I learned that my Sunbeam one had broken, I was devastated. How was I supposed to make baked goods for church and Valentines' goodies for schools without my mixer? I decided to pick one up locally (since we've lived overseas so long it's ridiculous for us to have 110v appliances anyway). This one was the cheapest (at $30 not exactly cheap!). But look at those wussy little European blades. I was really irritated by those wussy little blades. Now I must apologize to all of Europe. Those wussy little blades are the greatest thing EVER! They cut through EVERYTHING like a cheese slicer and they're so easy to clean! And the power! This thing is a 200w! It's like Tim Taylor came in and gave it "More power!" Now how did I live all those years with my wussy Sunbeam mixer?

And this was Seth's haul from Valentine's Day:

You know what I like most about this? There's only 2 store bought cards (and those were from American kids:).

That's all I have for today! "See" y'all Wednesday!

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  1. Seth's valentine cards are adorable. All of Addie's were store bought..and seriously too much candy.

    I know you are happy that the mixer turned out to be a gem!!!


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