Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my bloggy friends!

Yesterday, Seth and I made these for his class:

and he and Pamela made these:

I frosted them. My intent was to make them like big conversation hearts and put "Be Mine" and "U R Cool" on them, but my frosting was too runny so they're splatter hearts:).

Toby dressed himself this morning.

(Yes, my camera strap is in the way...apparently I am totally new at taking photos). I think it was the first time ever. I had to explain to his teacher that he dressed himself (his underwear is on backwards too and he's wearing Sunday socks on Thursday...little things that drive me mad, but I have to let them go).

Now you may be wondering why we made cards for Seth's school and not Toby's. Toby goes to a Polish preschool and Seth goes to an American preschool. Poles, like many Europeans, see Valentine's day as a romantic holiday and there is no reason to give gifts to children. I waver between the two. I don't think that it's bad as a day to remind the people that you love that you love them (children or adults). And even with the knowledge that it's a romantic holiday, I took candy for the kids to Toby's school...always a reason for candy;)...when we arrived, one of the little Polish girls was giving out apples that say

Kocham Cię - I love you.

Hope yours is a happy one!


  1. Cute card, I like the thumbprints and the cookies look yummy!

  2. Yes, I have learned to that you have to choose your battles with a 3 year old. Some days Addie's clothes don't match but as long as she is clean and healthy, I don't care. Love the cards and the cookies..yummy!

  3. that's really cute on the apple..! and love your splatter hearts!


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