Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just normal day stuff...

Okay, I have to start with, I LOVE this song...

It reminds me of my husband:).

Also, I was misleading yesterday when I said that I had joined Amy's challenge. I will be joining Amy's challenge, but it hasn't actually started yet. I was more inspired by Amy's challenge and decided to start my virtual walk to Lisbon. But I have given myself a year to get there, so I am really adapting Amy's challenge to fit my own needs. And, Dylan and I have the deal if I walk 1716 miles in one year (by February 4th, 2009) that I get my trip to Lisbon!

That said, this morning I only went 3.25 miles (that's because 2 children woke up early and came and sat by the treadmill to talk to me while I was walking, which is something I cannot do). So now there are 1708.59 miles to go!

Dylan has suggested that I walk to and from Toby's school. While that's a fantastic idea, the sidewalk doesn't actually start for a mile and we're sure to get killed walking on the road. So perhaps I will park somewhere and walk with Blaise, and then with Blaise and Toby. But I'd been thinking about that and the weather has been nice. So that would be a 6-8 mile round trip. Maybe I'll start doing that when Amy's challenge actually starts (watch out competitors!).

And today is Fat Tuesday, so we're being pigs today! I sent Seth to school (actually, I totally forgot to make him a lunch today, so I had to make a stop at the embassy co op and pick up some junk food) with cheese crackers, Kudos M&M bar, Snapple, a cheese stick, and a box of raisins (you know, for health).


  1. Kylie--I wish you well on you challenge. When does Amy's challenge start? This is the challenge I am starting on Mar 1st--http://www.blueandyoufitnesschallenge-ark.com/
    I like it because you can do 30 minutes of your choice of exercise..which mine will be mostly walking. Then you log your 30 minute session to advance to the next vitual location.

  2. I love that song too...so true!


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