Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kids with no pants...

Yesterday, as is our custom on Fat Tuesday, we took the whole crew out to dinner (you have to fatten up before lent). When we got to Dylan's favorite pizza place, Non Solo Pizza, Toby stood up and dropped his pants in the middle of the restaurant. Pamela was mortified and the customers were amused (he's 3, come on!).

Non Solo is pretty cool because they have the big wood pizza ovens and they have the guys making the pizza behind a plexiglas "wall" in the middle of the restaurant. Occasionally they throw the pizza up in the air, which my kids just love. At one point the pizza maker threw his dough up in the air, and it went over the wall and next to Dylan. So Dylan grabbed it and stood up and was throwing it up in the air (Pamela's still just mortified) and having it land on his face. Then he passed it back to the pizza guys, who were laughing so hard they almost couldn't get the dough back. I think he made their night. Poles don't often act silly.

This morning, I went to Carrefour in Galeria Mokotow because it's closer and less hassle than going all the way out to Auchan. And there's no one there! It's fantastic! I can get in and out in less than an hour, including the time it takes to get the faktura (a form that we get to have our sales tax returned to us). On the way out I noticed that the coffee shop (kawiarnia) had very few sweets, reminding everyone that it's Lent, and I was reminded of the movie Chocolat, which is a very interesting insight into the social pressures that keep everyone doing what they're supposed to do.

Have a great day!


  1. For "Fat Tuesday" I had a stomach virus. So there was no fattening up before lent going on here!

  2. the pizza place sounds great! You gotta love 3 year olds..never know what they will do or say. I know my daughter keeps us on our toes.

    If you go to this website--
    go to step 3 and put the code: DIVAS in then you can do you individual login and password. I don't see why you can't do all 3 because they will all overlap!!!

    I need to get scrapping again. I haven't done any since 1/31. Shame on me!@!

  3. I just love naked kid stories..LOL..I loved that movie!! Johnnie Depp and Juliet Binoche are so sexy together...and the pizza place sounds way fun! For Fat Tuesday I ate most of a King Cake... I can't belive I just admitted was small though..kinda


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