Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My 2 cents

Any idea where that phrase came from? Just curious... And this today's 2nd post.

But because (scroll down) I had a guest blogger today, I just wanted to jump in with my walking update. Yesterday I walked 6.25 miles, so now I am at 1687.84 to go (and 13.75 miles for just this week alone!).

And, because I am getting a lot of congratulations on my walking, I have to admit to something. I have been walking/running 4 miles a day for the past few years. So having to go a little bit further isn't that big of an issue (the 4.7 miles that I have to walk per day to get to Lisbon). However, 2-3 more miles a day than that, is actually a lot. I was kind of surprised. I can do it, but I'm always starving and I fall asleep SO easily (while driving but that doesn't make me any worse than any other driver on the road:). It pays to shake up your routine:).


  1. You are doing great walking! Go girl!!

  2. I still am impressed with your walking/jogging. I need get up off my butt and start walking..but I'll be doing good to do a half mile. I have a friend that is going to give me a copy of some walking videos to use inside with some weights. I need to check on that since the mornings are too cold to go outside.

  3. I'm impressed anyway...LOL...and thankful that I don't drive in the same country as you...


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