Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome giant freaks!

So I have some blog business to attend to today. First, EONS ago, Amy gave me this:

And because I am a slacker of gigantic proportions, I never posted it. But I appreciate it (and I’m posting it now), so thanks Amy!

I’d like to award:

RobinDiane – I just like her

Jenny The Bloggess – She just cracks me up and makes me feel inferior:)

Lisa ScrappyCatz – Her projects are so pretty

And if you’re reading my blog (and you also have a blog) you are also awarded. I just love new readers too!

And my other little funny thing for today. Pamela went to turn on the light in her bedroom. As she flipped the switch, there was a flash and a “pow”, something shot across the room and the power went out upstairs. She went to see what had shot out and it was this:

Yes, that’s right, the LIGHT BULB shot across the room. I don’t think that has ever happened to me in my 33 years of life (in all fairness, I don't remember those early years, it could have happened then). Step aside Serbia, Poland is still dangerous!


  1. In my 60+ years, I've never seen a light bulb do this...scarey! I just like RobinDiane, too. Of course as her Mom, I'm just a little prejudiced.

  2. Holy Flying Lightbulbs Batman!!!

    Sheesh, maybe you should get a Medium in there or something!
    I'm sure you are SUPER glad no one got hit by that!

    {oooo, maybe it was
    Thomas Edison! ;)

  3. lightbulbs. Glad no one was in the room or someone could have been seriously injured.
    Ahhhhh, you are so sweet. I like you too. I love how the internet brings people together than would otherwise not get to meet each other. my email address: I would like to see the pictures and of course I will share with my Momma...especially since she is following me around the net. Guess I can't say anything bad about her now! LOL

  4. wow...that's definitely new...just glad no one got hurt...maybe you have a pet ghost..?

  5. Wow - I'm glad no one was hurt!!! I have never heard of that! I like RobinDiane too - thanks for the links to the other sites!

  6. Thanks for the "Spread the Love Award"...I tried posting it to my blog and I am so technically challenged I couldn't get it work. If not for all the help I get from my fellow bloggers I don't know what I would do!


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