Monday, January 14, 2008


Yeah, weekends don't work so well for blogging for me. And now it's actually Monday morning and here I am blogging...still a little jet lagged.

So here's Days 11, 12, & 13 of the L.O.A.D challenge:

Still working on the Disney Cruise, still lots of pictures to go on this one.

So Amy tagged me (again;) and now I'm behind on three things. But that's okay, 'cause it's all good blog fodder.
For now, I'll just do the 7 random things. And tomorrow (haha) I will get to the books:).

  1. I was born in Sydney, Australia to an Australian mother and an American father. We moved to Houston when I was about 9 months old. I grew up in Houston and moved from there when I was 21.
  2. My mom died of breast cancer when I was 16. She suffered for several years and I am terrified that I will get it and leave my own children. It sucked growing up without a mom, and my sister had a lot less time with her than I did.
  3. I've lived in 5 different countries: the United States, Germany, Syria, Poland, and Ghana (I don't count Australia because I don't remember it). The closest I have felt to any of them being home is Germany, which is odd, but I've taken something from every place I have lived. Ghana had the most impact on me, for good and bad, and I've taken their beautiful bright colors with me.
  4. I love all of Brad Paisley's music. I have not heard one song of his that wasn't worth listening to over and over and over (except Whiskey Lullaby, which I can't stand for some reason).
  5. My kids are all named after saints. Only my middle two have Old Testament names (but they also have saints' names).
  6. I met my husband in 7th grade...we dated in high school and eventually married when we were 20.
  7. Of the 13 years that I've been following my husband around in the Army, we've lived on a military base only 4 of those and that was only the first 3 years and then one year in the middle. I miss it greatly, but wouldn't trade the way I live now for anything.
So there's my random facts. I won't tag anyone since I don't really know anyone with a blog, but there's a little more about me out there in cyberspace now:).

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  1. Love your layouts! what an interesting life you've!


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