Tuesday, January 15, 2008

5 Ways Scrapbooking Makes Me a Better Person

Dylan still picks on me about my scrapbook blog, so today I decided to explain why scrapbooking is important.

We’ll do this in David Letterman order and start with the least.

5. Creativity starts at home.

4. It’s never good to have too much money and all of our excess goes to scrapbooking supplies. Who needs college??

3. It’s a better way to unwind after a long day than a bottle of wine.

2. I’ve found out what to do with every weird thing that IKEA makes. Most of them are made to hold scrapbook supplies.

And the number one reason:

Every moment of my life I look at the opportunity to scrapbook it. I do not mind that my kids cry when the meet Santa or Mickey Mouse, think of the memories that will be documented about that day! I take very little for granted - knowing that when I am a grandma I will have experienced my children's lives.

And here's today's LOAD challenge layout (LO)...you know you want it;)

My pages are actually straighter than they appear:).


  1. good food for thought! and I love the photos in that layout!

  2. My family has almost the same photo coming up that very stairway! Hope you had a blast!


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