Friday, January 11, 2008

LOAD day 10

So because we just went on the Disney Cruise for Christmas, I have LOTS of pictures to scrap from that trip and it's all fresh in my mind. My new theme for the L.O.A.D challenge is the Disney Cruise. Here's page 1, day 10:

And Amy tagged me to do 7 random things and my thoughts on discipline. I don't know which one is more difficult so I'll go in order. She first tagged me for thoughts on discipline. This should be fairly easy since I just took a class in Child Psychology where we had to analyze our parents parenting skills and then look at our own.

I won't go into my analysis of my own parents parenting here, as most of the people involved read this blog and I'm not really ready to go there;).

As for Dylan's and my parenting skills, we just really try to look at the things that our parents did that we didn't like and change that. No one can be a perfect parent so we hope our children will cut us some slack like we do our own parents. As far as discipline, we believe that a good example is very important and punishments should fit the crime. We often use natural consequences. You spilled the juice, you have to clean it up. Natural consequences work quite well with young children but not as well with older ones. We can't let Pamela fail 8th grade as a natural consequence of not doing her homework, so she loses privileges (such as no friends over, no phone calls) when her grades drop. For this semester, her friend invited her to a concert and we told her that she couldn't attend the concert unless her grades were good enough (A, B, and Cs - her math skills are not good, so I will accept a C in math). That's been a fantastic motivator and she has kept her grades up this semester and will go to the concert next week.

AmyC uses choices and a sense of humor

Kylie in Warsaw uses natural consequences and good examples.

Instead of 5 people I'll tag Dawn, Amanda, and Lisa (all who do not have a blog) so just leave me a comment about your thoughts on discipline if you want:).

Tomorrow I'll post the random thoughts about me...that one's pretty difficult. Almost everyone I know knows everything about me;).


  1. I feel like you have to pick your battles. Sometimes certain situations aren't that big of a deal to get worked up about, such as picking on other siblings. Othertimes (such as telling the truth, and keeping the child safe from harm) are very important.
    'Natual consequences' for small problems work well for my children as they are young, and so I believe strongly in that for now. We will see what happens as they get older, but I'm sure that grounding will be more appropriate as needed. If children do something they aren't supposed to and they know it, then they should be punished - that is the bottom line (of course, sometimes it's easier said then done). Jerry and I also believe that consistency is the key.

  2. cute layout..yep I'm definitely jealous!!LOL..for the deck of me details go here
    also don't get mad but go look at my blog...gotcha again this ones about books don't have to play though if you don't want to...:-)


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