Monday, January 28, 2008

Is it more magic than a breadbox?

When we moved here, I bought this breadbox (well, actually Dylan bought me this breadbox). I don't really know why, but I always loved breadboxes...something weird about me. Anyway, we were gone for 3 weeks in December and no one cleaned the breadbox out before we left. However, this is what we came back to:

Yes, that expiration date is December 24, 2007 and yes, I took that picture this morning (you can't throw away magic bread!). Anyway, there's more stuff in the bread box (bread, crackers) that have been there the same amount of time and have no effects of time.

Can someone explain the magical science behind the breadbox to me? Seriously! The bread that sat on top of the breadbox went moldy, but inside, everything was in perfect condition. How does that happen???

Toby's better, but here's a pic of him when he was sick:

And that was when he was on the upside of the sickness.

Here's yesterday's LOAD LO.

Too much "white" space, but I couldn't figure out what to do with it. Ah, nothing is perfect. And of all the weird things, my rub ons stuck to their backing.

Have a good day, and if anyone seriously knows the science of breadboxes I would LOVE to hear it. For now I'm happy thinking it's magic:).


  1. I really like the "white space" in the layout...and your breadbox must be magic because mine doesn't work like that...buuut Mary Poppins does live in my oven!

  2. maybe its got something to do with the breadbox being partially sealed from the outside world?


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