Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's 4:43 am

Yeah, I'm normally not up quite this early, but I'm up with a sick kid whose temp I'm trying to get down.

Here's the LOAD LO for Wednesday:

I'm having lettering issues. I'm going to have to read up on more lettering options. I have chipboard which I love, and I suppose I can just paint it to match my LOs but I usually don't have the time.

But with the Monkey LO, the journaling is hard to read (even in person). "It says this is our stateroom (well the kids' stateroom). Every night Wilson, our stateroom host, made towel animals. The last night, even though it didn't have a tail, it was a..."

For those who don't get the reference, for Toby's birthday he got Veggie Tales' The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's. The Silly Song with Larry is "Monkey" which is just too funny. And it gives a handy lesson on how to tell monkeys from apes.

My favorite silly song! It has lead to all kinds of interesting exchanges in my house. Anyone at any time can say Something "has a tail" such as "Crocodile has a tail" to which anyone (or everyone) will announce that "It's a monkey!" So when we saw the monkey hanging in the stateroom we all shouted in unison "It's a monkey!" I think we were the craziest people on the cruise.

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  1. my kids so loved Veggie tales when they were younger, my favorite silly song was "the pirates who don't do anything"...very cute layout!


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