Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What is it about scrapbookers?

This weekend, in a desperate effort to drum up others to indulge in my addiction with me, I spoke with a woman who said she scrapbooks. But when I was telling her all about the challenge (LOAD) I was involved in and asking her how much room she has to scrap, she just wasn’t nearly as excited (obsessed?) as I am. Are all scrapbookers like me, or are they more like her? All the people I’ve scrapbooked with in person (and online) have been just as crazy as I am…with all their varied and individual styles, but they’ve had that passion.

I was like her when I first started. It was an interesting hobby, one I didn’t want to pour too much money into, but a way to get together with others and enjoy each other’s company (at that time I didn’t know that people scrapbooked alone most of the time). The only reason I was even involved in it was because I just didn’t have any female friends and I was invited to a “crop” – not really a crop, but more like a weekly gathering at this woman’s house – and she and I had babies and older children the same ages (NONE of the other ladies even had children). They talked about techniques and where they got everything, and I just thought they were complete and total nuts. But liked hanging out with them and needed some “girl time”.

5 years later, I am one of them. But it’s hard to find other scrappers. I even offered at a women’s group to teach scrapbooking (with absolutely no training except experience), with no success to drum up others. We are, at least overseas, an elusive group.

And how about how non scrappers, we’ll call them commoners:), view us. I seem to get that look from people (including the woman that I spoke with Friday night) as though they think I am a religious nut. From family, it’s more like I’m an alcoholic and they’re my enablers.

What do you think? And if anyone has any suggestions as to where to find the elusive scrapper, please let me know:).

And for the first time since January 8th, when I was still stuck in Houston, I did not complete a layout yesterday. So I have nothing to show.

Ah, but I forgot...it's not my time, it's West Coast time:). So I was able to slap out a LO in under 20 minutes...how's that for SUPER fast;)?
And I only had to skip my run to complete it:P. Obsessed, noooo!


  1. That is very cute Kylie! and I now what you mean...people that dont scrapbook have no clue...and think we're all nuts...people who do for the most part I think, "get it"...anyway stop by my blog I left you a little something...

  2. I think I have more of an obsession with scrapbooking!


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