Friday, January 18, 2008

Birthday Parties

I HATE birthday parties. I hate putting together birthday parties and coming up with stupid games and things that kids won't play and don't really enjoy.

So my eldest son's birthday party was at school today (they allow birthday parties at his school, so that's the only one we do - other than the family one on the actual birthday - because I hate them). The kids just didn't care much about the party, they never do...they like the cake and presents, but I don't know why I bother to even put any thought into them at all.

But, Pamela and I spent about an hour and a half of our lives last night making these:

They're filled with little candies (M&Ms and Skittles - they don't taste all that great together;). It wasn't bad, we had fun making them and the kids liked them (a little but I would never say that anything I have ever made was a "hit"). They'd probably make a nice little Valentine's could give them a "spicy" name and they'd be perfect. Maybe Amy wants to use them for her countdown to Valentine's day??

Anyway, this experience has inspired today's LO:

I just love the picture of my middle son in his apron and chef's hat. He loves to cook and is so excited when he gets the opportunity to help out. Oh and the LO design is by Tricia Morris from The Scrapbook Lounge.

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