Saturday, October 25, 2008

Conversation With The Dishes

This is something I dug out of my drafts folder. My kids have been sick all week and now I, too, have THE PINKEYE (my apologies to everyone I kissed yesterday). I promise, there is a new post forthcoming.

My husband sometimes talks for inanimate objects. Usually when he's trying to prove a point to Pamela, but sometimes he rambles on.

Pamela's job is to put away the dishes. That's really it. Friday night, due to teenageritis, Pamela did not put away the dishes. When she doesn't put away the dishes, her consequence is that she then has to put away the dishes AND do the dishes.

This was the situation on Friday night. And then Saturday morning, HUGE SURPRISE THIS, she had not done the dishes.

So Dylan, in his talking for inanimate objects thing, started a conversation with the dishes.

Dylan: Whazzup?

Dylan (as dishes): Whazzup?

Dylan: So I can't help but notice that no one washed you last night?

Dylan (as the dishes): Dude, the girl totally did not wash us.

Dylan: Why are you talking to me? You're dishes.

Dylan (as the dishes): Don't know what to tell you man.

Dylan: I put you in the dishwasher. You can't do nothin' about that BITCHES!

Dylan (as the dishes): Dude.


  1. I love the dishes conversation.

    And I'm sorry about pinkeye. No doubt, no one will be running to kiss you today!

    And you were right with what you said, I really was thinking that you were the prettiest, smartest, funniest blogger ever...I just forgot to write it down. :)

  2. that was very, very clever! And, I love the new look. You are too talented.

  3. bahahahaha...I do this when my DH doesn't help with things around the house which is quite often. I love the new photo..great pic of the kiddos.

  4. love it! and I love the new header. Thanks for reading my mind and knowing that the black background was killing my eyes!

  5. Great conversation...I love it. I still remember those days when Joy or Robin didn't do their assigned jobs and how upset I would get.

  6. I hate you have pink eye, that hurts! Get better soon and I love the dishes talk!

  7. Awesome conversation! We have regular occurrences such as these in our household, so I recognize the tone.

  8. one of the things I enjoyed about my ex (trust me it's not easy to say much that is good) is that he used to talk for our dogs and any that we met. It was pretty funny.


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