Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You Belong Here

We have cats. LOTS AND LOTS of cats. I don't really like cats.

We have a really old cat and two very young cats that are siblings. Our really old cat has been THE cat for the past 15 years and has absolutely no interest in sharing us. Despite the fact that she is blind and incontinent and a cat and rarely comes downstairs. Because she is elderly. And hates stairs.

Today, E.D. (Evil Devil or the ancient one), graced us with her presence in the downstairs world. The young cats, Tiggy (yes, her name has been changed. Pamela REALLY didn't like having to tell her friends that both cats were named after an alcoholic beverage. Pamela doesn't belong here) and Shiraz were inside because they did one of the things where they hang around outside and rush the door when the short residents of our house open the door.

E.D. spotted Shiraz and went ballistic. There was all kinds of hissing and spitting and fighting. E.D. doesn't have front claws, but she can hit like a mofo. I know this because she hits me in the shoulder when she doesn't have food in her bowl (is anyone else imaging a six foot cat here?). And she weighs all of 6 pounds and it actually stings a bit when she hits.

Tiggy, who was resting in a living room chair, sat up, hearing that her brother was in trouble.

Did she do anything?

No. She sat on the chair and made sure SHE was out of the sight of the crazy old blind cat. She was all, "Dude, Bro. Sucks for you. I'm just gonna sit here. Come get me when it's done. Mofo."

It was at that moment that I realized she belongs in this family.


  1. love the six foot cat image, tapping you on the shoulder!

  2. E.D. I like that. It could also mean erectile dysfunction which most men would refer to as the "Evil Devil." I liked cats when I was a kid, but I really don't care much for them now. The fact that I am allergic to them aside, there is just no loyalty from a cat. I couldn't bring myself to care for an animal that showed no loyalty.

  3. !!! i love it! What was the other name for the cat?

  4. MCPWD - I meant to link to that. Evidence you shouldn't blog at 11 PM after the first day you've been to the gym in over 3 years.

    For those who don't actually want to check out the link, the cat's name used to be Syrah - which is a different name for the same grape as Shiraz. And now you've learned a little wine trivia too. You're welcome.

  5. Love your cats names, LOL...Cats are funny they have so much personality...we had one that decided to move in with our neighbor when we got a dog...she was all like "oh no you di'int!"

  6. I don't know how I ended up with three cats when I'm really not a "cat person" either. My oldest sounds like your ED, except he's not blind or incontinent, he just hates the other cats.

  7. I think maybe I DO like cats, after all.


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