Monday, October 06, 2008

Polar Bear Blaise

You know how when you're standing in your garage next to the refrigerator and the garage door is open and you're spraying whipped cream out of the can directly into your mouth and you turn around and your neighbor is staring at you across the fence.

No? Just me, then?

So. Um. Anyway. Across from our church (don't stop reading, this is not going to be a church related post!) is a park (well, across from EVERY church/school/grocery store/embassy/"exotic" shop in Warsaw there's a park). We dropped off the two oldest at the church for religion classes and took the two youngest to the park.

Toby told Seth "HEY SETH! After we drop you off we're going to the PARK!"

Yeah, 'cause kids are kind of mean.

Anyway, Dylan and I were walking along through the park and Blaise and Toby were following along behind us.

Blaise found some steps that went down. Blaise LOVES steps. So he went down the steps and we continued on.

About that time our friend, who is pregnant with her second child, walked up just as Blaise was emerging from what could very well have been an open sewer water retention pond very large puddle in 50 degree weather.

We smiled and pretended like this kind of thing happens all the time and we were totally prepared to deal with it and were not going to have to drive 30 minutes back to the house with a completely naked baby in the car AND be back in time for church.

BEHOLD! This is your future!


  1. Keep paper towels in your car. You can mop up the water or make an early Halloween costume with it.

  2. bahahaha! Don't you hate when this happens.

  3. you had me at whip cream face in front of your neighbor. close the garage door already!!

  4. I'm laughing at you because you are me*!*

    This post proves that you my dear are SUPERMOM*!*


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