Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween, Revisited

Part One is a repost from June, but it was relevant to today:) Happy Halloween, y'all!

At Halloween our first year in Poland, my sons' teachers at their two separate schools encouraged the parents to dress up. I have a Wonder Woman costume. A little back story here. Poles do not celebrate Halloween. Not really. They are just recently getting into the idea of sending children around collecting candy, but are never too sure about dressing their children up, let alone their adults. I showed up at my son's Polish preschool in a Wonder Woman costume. Poles do not dress up unless they are completely drunk AND they don't celebrate Halloween AND I had to park down the block because there was no parking available AND they don't know who Wonder Woman is since they were under communism when that TV show came out. So I was just a drunk woman wandering around in red, white and blue underwear walking the 1/4 mile down the street in a residential neighborhood to my son's preschool. At noon, on a Wednesday.

I look amazingly like Lynda Carter. People think we're twins.


And later that same year...

Our neighborhood, being full of expats and all, has tried to instill the Halloween tradition. So, at first Pamela and her friend were stuck handing out candy, while Dylan (dressed as the evil Spiderman) and I (all decked out as Wonder Woman, including some awesome red heels!) trick or treated with the boys. I had to return to the house because said awesome red heels started to hurt like hell after the first hour walking, and Pamela and friend wanted to trick or treat on their own. So I was relegated to handing out candy.

When I was handing out candy on Halloween night still dressed as Wonder Woman, a kid that Toby went to school with showed up with his dad. "Friend" of Toby is half-American, half-Polish. Dad, who is the American half, was with "friend" of Toby that night. "Friend" said: "I KNOW HER!" (They did not know that we lived in the same neighborhood, nor did I until that night.)

American Dad: Yeah! That's Wonder Woman!

"Friend": No! That's Toby's mom!

American Dad: Um, hm. That's Wonder Woman!

While it would have been great fun to let this go, I did step in and say "Yes, I am Toby's mom. AND Wonder Woman!"

"Friend" of Toby was not actually a friend. Just someone he went to school with and didn't really care that much for. You know, in case you don't understand quotation marks.


  1. i LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for the morning laugh!

  2. HAHAHA!! Brilliant story, Kylie!! (I got your name right the first time today, did you notice? Extra points for me!)

    When I was a kid, my family and I spent a total of 10 years living in Ireland. The Irish do celebrate Halloween. But other holidays - like Thanksgiving and the 4th of July - are just ordinary days there. So, I know what it's like to live somewhere where the holidays you're used to, just don't exist. It's a weird feeling. I really enjoy your writing and look forward to reading more!

  3. Toby's mom AND Wonder Woman...a woman of many talents!

    Now let me look at that photo more that Wonder Woman....or is that you? :)

  4. Ha! I saw the real costume in all it's glory! It was great! And isn't every mom really a Wonder Woman in disguise?

  5. It's uncanny the resemblance between you and Lynda Carter!


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