Tuesday, October 21, 2008

N is for Ninja

Every week Seth has homework. He has to bring to school no more than three things that start with the letter of the week. When the letter of the week was P, he brought his sister (she goes to the same school).

Last week, the letter of the week was N. He brought a nut and a necklace and a


I'm sure his teacher thinks we're mad. I'm pretty sure she's right.


  1. LOL! You look adorable but I guess that is not what a Ninja wants to hear. I am quite sure the teacher thinks you are mad..but an A+ for creativity!

  2. haha,

    here you can ask the teachers if they think you are mad...



  3. How cute is that?!? Logen had the letter O this week and he had to have 10 things, we struggled with that letter.

  4. Lien was supposed to go to Ninja traning camp but it was canceled because of Ike.

  5. Is it too late for my son to become best friends with your son?


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