Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Yeah, I know I'm a day early, but I have a story for y'all tomorrow, so here's more pictures. (Because I don't think far enough in advance and didn't put these up for Wordless Wednesday.)

From 2005-2007 we lived in Ghana. Ghana is pretty much hot all year round, you know, being on the Equator. And hot places don't grow pumpkins.

Our Jack O'Lantern from Halloween 2006.

And now for some truly scary things:

I'm terrified of heights. Yes, that is a treetop canopy walk, in Ghana. And that is my oldest boy, when he was 2 1/2 walking along that canopy walk. It scares me to look at it.

What scares you?


  1. No way would I go across that hanging bridge!!! I have a real fear of heights.

  2. What scares me? I'd have to hog up your entire comments section with the list. But here are a few: Flushing toilets (I posted about that last Friday because apparently, I have no shame), heights, blood, needles, vomit, germs. In varying levels of terror, of course!

  3. Well that bridge would definitely scare me and I am not afraid of heights. I had friends who propelled themselves in a harness across the ravines of a jungle in Columbia and just looking at the pictures made me anxious. Other than that, I hate bugs, spiders, any creature smaller than me. On a larger scale, I fear not having options (of any kind),losing my memory/mind and having anything happen to my children.

  4. OMG I'm scared of heights and bridges!!!


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