Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tossing Cookies

No, it's not what you think.

Yesterday, Dylan and I went to the big grocery store where the friendly cashier (anyone who knows Eastern Central Europe realizes that a friendly cashier is a rare find, and anyone who says otherwise is lying) took his money for a phone card and refused to ring up the rest of the groceries. At which point she turned to me and asked:

"Pani ma kartę punktowe?" - Do you have a point card?

"Nie, nie mam." - No, I don't have. (Although really my favorite thing is when I overhear others say "Nie będzie." - It will not be. Cracks me up every time!)

Then she proceeds to ring up the groceries, completely ignoring Dylan, who is the one with the credit card. Apparently he only wanted the phone card.

As she was ringing up the groceries, she got to a packet of cookies that Dylan had opened and had been eating in the store. As she scanned them, the cookies fell out of the package and Dylan reached across to grab them as the cashier threw them away. Dylan looked at me all hurt.

"She threw away my cookies."

The cashier starts speaking quickly and angrily to him.

"And now she's admonishing me for it."

At which point I burst into hysterical laughter. Which did not impress the cashier. She stared at me for the rest of the transaction, trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL I thought was so funny. If it had been a restaurant, we certainly would have gotten a spitter. I'm not entirely sure she didn't spit in our food anyway.


  1. I guess they are not used to people opening up goods and consuming them on the premises. They are used to people who come in tear open a bag of something, take only what they need (like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride with the hot dog buns) and pay for only that. You just can't eat it in the store! Poor Dylan! Make the man some cookies:-)

  2. Did she make you pay for the cookies she tossed?? What about the cookies he ate?? Hilarious.

  3. Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention that.

    Yes, we did have to pay for the whole package of cookies. The lecture was free.

  4. You should have told Dylan "The cookies will not be." crack me up!

  5. How funny! I can totally see Dylan with the ongoing commentary while she was lecturing him;-)


  6. that was so funny! And your response to psychmamma made me laugh even harder. whew. I needed that.

  7. She tossed the cookies? That's crazy... she would have gotten herself an earful from most people in the U.S....funny story though :)


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