Monday, October 20, 2008

UN Day (Part 2)

So, all dressed up like Bree from Desperate Housewives (I SO want to be Bree, no matter how many people tell me that I don’t really. I do, I DO. You just have no idea how badly I want to have obsessive compulsive disorder and be a thin, gorgeous redhead. Anyway.), standing in my kitchen making pikelets ALL MORNING LONG. One of the things about UN day is that you must bring food for your child’s class. Well, that’s all well and good for people who have only 1 or 2 children in the school, but what about those of us with 4 (well, this hasn’t actually happened yet, but it’s so in my future – I’m going to become a short order cook on UN Day in years to come).

So I was flipping pikelets and the evil youngest one was home because he was ‘sick’. He was cooking next to me and I was trying to whip some cream for the pikelet topping, but the cream I had was too thin, so I set it aside. Blaise promptly dumped it all over the counter/himself/the floor. I stripped his clothes off and set him outside the kitchen.

As I got to the last pikelets, I went into the living room (where Little Einsteins was on television for the banished child) and Blaise was standing, naked in the middle of the living room swinging his poopy diaper around. He was covered in poo as was the living room.

I cleaned all that up, got him dressed, strapped him into the stroller and went to the school to drop off all the food.

Came back, got in the car to go get Toby.

Fed them lunch, put them back in the stroller to go see UN Day.

The epitome of UN Day. These four girls are all in their country's native costumes and they all interact daily. I love UN Day. It's kind of creepy, you know, with those weird faces, but you get used to it. The purple arrow shows where I work on Mondays.

Came back. Blaise dumped out the completely full bottle of floor cleaner in the bathroom.

Put him out of the bathroom to clean it up.

Came out. Blaise had dumped all the board games on to the floor.

Put Blaise down for a nap. Mommy had had enough.

UN Day 2008 was the longest day ever. But so worth it.


  1. I am sitting here in the PTO Store and it is very quiet - guess what I am doing?

    Blaise and Mikayla sound very alike. I never have to worry about Nicholas getting into trouble (even when he was 2). But, if Mikayla is at home and I hear silence, I can guarantee that some mischief is happening under my nose somewhere in the house.

    At least Blaise wasn't swinging the poopy diaper in the kindergarten class. Mikayla peed in Nick's class!

    Anyway, miss having you here to chat with. High School: The Musical bez dubbing tickets went on sale today in case anyone in your house is interested.

  2. I am just tired reading about your day. OMG too bad you can't lock that kid up..kidding, only kidding! :-)

    I am hoping Addie will let me paint her face for the lizard witch costume since she had marker on it for almost a day.

  3. OKAY i would have been in the loony bin after the poop episode and by the bathroom incident I would have been on the phone with a lovely foster care family LOL You have the patience of a saint.

  4. Wow Kylie, you had a helluva

  5. holy cow! I'm exhausted just reading all that. I definitely wouldn't have made it through the are an amazing woman...

  6. I completely want to get banished so I can watch LITTLE EINSTEINS.


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