Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Think I Speak English

Last night, Seth and I were having a conversation about something that a kid in his class did that he didn't appreciate. I was trying to help him come up with a solution.

Me - "Why don't you tell him that you don't appreciate it when he does that and if he does it again you will tell the teacher?"

Seth - "I told him but I don't think he understands me. (Whispers) He only speaks English."

Me - "WE speak English."

Seth - "Yeah. But he ONLY speaks English."

Me - "But, we're speaking English RIGHT NOW."

Toby - "I know how to say something in English! 'I am English'."

Me - *blink, blink*


  1. That's so cute! Mikayla thinks she's Polish. In fact, my mother commented over the summer that she has a Polish accent. I have been listening to her more closely and she really does have one for certain words. Even when she says her brother's name she says it with a Polish/German accent that makes it sound more like "Niklas". In a few years, she will have no accent and very little memory of her time in Warsaw.

  2. that cracks me up! I need to borrow that kid for some blogging material!!!!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog for the first time...and this left me laughing out loud! Very funny stuff!

  4. So many of my conversations with Landon go that way and we live in the states...Like the picture below too..LOL

  5. I think I speak the English, too!

  6. Out of the mouth of babes!


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