Saturday, October 04, 2008

Inappropriate Bar Comments

Sometimes the people at my husband's office go to the bar on Friday nights.

Sometimes I come up and join them.

Last night, I did.

Dylan has been talking with a lot of people about his new Harley (due date February 2009). As I was walking up, we noticed a friend getting ready to head home. Dylan started in on his Harley.

Dylan: "Did I tell you that I'm getting a Harley?"

Friend: "No, wow! What happened to the old bike?"

Dylan: "The engine died. It was very sad. But did you hear me talking about the Harley?"

Friend: "How does your wife feel about that?" (Hi, I'm standing right here. Unless you think that maybe I'm just his hot girlfriend, which is okay too.)

Dylan: "Well, I had one picked out, but she looked at it and said that I couldn't get that one."

Friend rolls eyes.

Dylan: "Because it didn't have place for her to sit."


Did he just say he wanted to 'borrow me'? What does that mean exactly? I mean, he's cute and all. And he looks good in tight pants, but I'm kind of married (and so is he). And he just asked my husband for permission. We all stood in an uncomfortable silence for a half a minute. While I kind of wondered how my husband would respond.

Dylan: "Um, just for decision making purposes."

Then the subject rapidly changed.

But I feel good. My husband would NOT be willing to trade me, or rent me out.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to know that you are not for sale, trade or lending out!!!

  2. That's an awesome compliment! Meaning you a COOL wife and mine's not. I get those compliment too because I love football and

  3. he's a keeper. Even if he does ride a damn Harley.

  4. Hey...what was that movie w/ Woody Harleson and Demi Moore?
    Just a thought.....;)


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