Friday, October 10, 2008

Death Trap Playroom

Okay, so yesterday my blogger-friend-in-real-life, Globetrekking Mom, came over (along with another friend) for some scrapbooking and socialization. We grabbed our kids from school and headed to the house so they could hang out while we gabbed.

Not 10 minutes into our gabfest, there was an incident. It involved blood. Because all good incidents involve blood.

Globetrekking Mom's son sliced his foot (bad - we're talking stitches bad) on a piece of broken glass in our PLAYROOM. You know. The place where my kids go to play with their toys. Hell, it even has a padded floor so that they don't bang their heads.

But apparently, we also keep our broken glass in the playroom. Along with the knives, guns and liquor. Makes the kids tough. They're gangsters in training. In the 1920's.

This was (sort of) the first time I had friends over (really it's the first time I had friends over during the day when my husband wasn't here). So of course, there would have to be an incident. With blood.

Because everything's better when there's blood.

This is definitely up there on my "most embarrassing moments" list.

Tune in tomorrow for when Seth's friend Mike finds my crack stash. Then the whole bloody foot thing will seem like nothing.


  1. Love it! Don't feel bad though - he will live. I was kind of thinking he wasn't a normal boy because he has had nothing happen to him in 6 years. Let me know how the hidden crack stash turns out

  2. YOu know how i like to fuck up once a day? That just might be contagious.

  3. That's hysterical. Well, maybe not for the kid, but whatever.

  4. i assume you're leaving them alone with gasoline and matches, too.

  5. That cracked my shit up.

    Cause it wasn't me for a change.

    Feels good.

    PS: Hide the crack in the laundry. NOONE ever goes in teh laundry room.

  6. I freaking love, I FLOVE you*!*

    Crack goes best with a little huffing and a shot of whiskey...and sword swallowing for fun.

  7. Oh Kylie I'm so sorry! Do you think they will ever come back...oh of course they will the kids are hooked on liquor and crack now.


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