Sunday, March 01, 2009

Days 52, 73, & 365

Edited to add: Yes, my blog header has changed again. I'm still in this imaging class and I'm messing around with my blog look. Sorry. I'm going to be doing this for the next four weeks until I get it perfect.

Day 2

8:30 AM Realize that I am almost out of my $50 a pot moisturizer. Start to use the Mary Kay samples from my dealer. Start to freak out that I might have to resort to *gasp* a drugstore brand. Are we barbarians?

7:00 PM Score a bottle of nice wine from some friends in return for watching their dog while they vacation. Am learning to freeload. Or at the very least barter.

Wonder what I can get if I sell my body? A haircut? Free moisturizer?

I'm pretty sure the salesperson in Douglas was checking me out the last time I was there. So what, if she's a woman?

Day 3

7:30 AM Am officially out of Coke Zero. Resort to instant iced tea. Consider starting a Coke Zero plant in my kitchen.

10:00 AM Receive email about a sale at Gymboree. Realize that there is no way that my children will have new Easter clothes. Explain to Dylan that the children NEED new Easter clothes so that they don't look like bums. People in church may think we're neglectful parents.

He doesn't buy it. Thinks they have enough clothes since their (collective) closet won't actually close. Tell him it's a bad hinge on the door. He doesn't buy it.

5:00 PM Try to figure out what to make for dinner from flour, water, and diced tomatoes. Assume that no one will eat a tomato casserole. Make a pizza. From scratch. Pizzas don't HAVE to be round, right?

Day 4

2 AM Wake up ridiculously early panicking about my phone card, which I'm pretty sure I threw away.

Let the dog out. Dog does not come back in. Freak out that dog has escaped and I will have to call friends and tell them "I know you haven't even left the country yet, but I lost your dog. Here's your dog toys, bed and money back. Oh, and the nice bottle of wine *sob*."

Dog comes back in the house just after I have gotten completely dressed to conduct a massive neighborhood search.

(Before typing all of this up, wonder for a long time if said friends read my blog. Decide that even if they do, they won't be in town to read this one. And really, what are they going to do? Turn around and come home?)

3:30 PM Send kids and husband to the park while I "work on my photoshop homework". In reality, dig through yesterday's garbage scrambling to find 50zl phone card.

Neighbors probably will never talk to me again.


  1. I feel for you. But there is a way around this (at least for you) - your birthday is this month. Make a wish list of things you'd like and I'm sure your family and friends will oblige.

  2. HAHAHA!!! Hilarious. Yesterday, on the Today Show, there was a segment about "simple ways to save money" or something. I nodded along with most of the things, feeling rather smug. (Use mass transit? Check. Brown-bag lunches? Check. Generic store brands? Check.) Then they said "Ladies, how about switching to a store-brand shampoo instead of that expensive salon product?

    I said (to the TV, because I know they can hear me) "WHAT? No way! Do you KNOW how difficult it is to keep my hair under control? ONLY my fancy $40 a bottle shampoo will do THAT, Mr. Crew Cut Anchor Man who has no clue about hair care. Sure, I'll ask for generic prescriptions at the pharmacy, but this is my HAIR we are talking about!"

    Or something like that. Sometimes my comments on your blog end up feeling like posts in their own right :-)

  3. $50 a pot moisturizer?


    I'm guessing that before you ran out you were really, really moist?!

    You better be careful with that dog, if he feels the pinch he may leave for good.

  4. Milena - I'll send you a list on FB:).

    Margaret - I actually have no problem using the store brand shampoo. Either I don't care about my hair that much or I have really great hair...I'm not sure which.

    Mo - The dog came with her own food. The humans did not.

  5. Funny stuff. Ya know, I'm not sure Lent agrees with you!

  6. You can get coke zero there? That's cool. At least it was until you run out.

    How long are you doing this?

  7. Love the dog thing...just drink the wine, quick :)))

  8. For some reason I always thought square shaped pizzas taste better than round ones.


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