Friday, March 13, 2009

Yeah, We're Related

Last night my husband discovered the We're related application on Facebook. He added everyone he could remember being related to.

It popped up in my Facebook (if you are friends with one or both of us on Facebook, I'm very sorry, but you'll know that in the evenings he usually sits at the desktop and I sit across the living room using the laptop and we harass each other incessantly on Facebook - we're weird that way. It's also something that meets the requirements of the experiment. We also occasionally harass our daughter, but she gets really angry and hacks into our accounts and changes information is no fun). So last night, it popped up asking me to confirm my relationship to him. He was giggling like a schoolgirl.

I confirmed that I was related to him and THEN it popped up with "You've confirmed your relationship with Dylan as his old lady. Add your relationship to Dylan.

He said, "Are you going to put My A$$hole? Have you seen my a$$hole?"

Me: "My a$$hole has it's own Facebook page. You wouldn't believe how many friends my a$$hole has!"

Him: "My A$$hole has an extensive online following. You should add my a$$hole as a friend. My a$$hole even writes a blog."

At that point we both collapsed in laughter. And Tigger said, "Y'all are weird" and left the room, most likely to go find some nice normal people - like drug dealers and prostitutes - to talk to.

But now you know why, after 15 years, we're still married.


  1. Heeheehee! Hey, 15 years on, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Great story!

  2. Doesn't sound like you guys really need facebook...

  3. HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! my sister and i tried playing scrabble online while in the living room together.

    i love this conversation post. you should post more.

    does his a$$hole really have a facebook page? like, a fan page or a member's page? why aren't i friends with his a$$hole?

    loved LOVED playing mario kart with you last night. i am totally ded this morning :D let's do it again.

  4. I should try this with my husband. Unfortunatly the blogging is taking over my life and I am trying to cut my laptop time as it is.

  5. After a long time together, you develop in-jokes. I still have them with my ex, even. I am just strating to have them with my boyfriend.

  6. Without the Internets, though, how would the marriage be doing?

    Bloody well, I wager, although you'd have to resort of the torture of post-it notes left in his dresser drawers.

  7. I want a relationship like yours! You're both two lucky assholes


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